Thiết bị đồng bộ thời gian Hopf 8029NTS/GPS

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Hãng sản xuất: Hopf

Xuất xứ: Germany

Model: 8029NTS/GPS

  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng
  • Tình trạng : Còn hàng

Liên hệ

Đặt mua: 0904.787.059 

Thông số kỹ thuật Thiết bị đồng bộ thời gian Hopf 8029NTS/GPS

The completely maintenance-free and highly-precise network time server for DIN Rail mounting is the ideal synchronization solution of networks and industrial applications.

  • 1 independent NTP time server is integrated by default; on request your system can be equipped with 1 additional independent NTP time server or with the following signal output modules
    • IRIG-B (analogue / digital)
    • DCF77 pulse
    • Cyclic pulses
  • Simple, complete and safe operation and parameterisation (password protection and activatable https protocol) via a password-protected WebGUI (optional SSH/Telnet)
  • Current status bar easily available via WebGUI
  • Important information for implementing and about operating status available via status-LEDs at the front panel (if WebGUI-access is not available)
  • Improved security ensured by
    • Symmetric keys
    • Access restriction
    • Autokey
    • Deactivation of non-used network protocols
  • The external time synchronization source:
    • GPS (immediately available)
    • IRIG-B (on demand)
  • Which kind of power supply you require:
    • 100-240V AC
    • 110-250V DC
    • 24V DC
    • 48V DC
  • Which type of crystal to be integrated in the application:
    • Standard crystal
    • VCTCXO crystal
  • GPS synchronization input 
    • Receiver type: 22-channel receiver, 
    • C/A-code Evaluation: L1 frequency (1,575.42MHz)
  • Accuracy 
    • Internal PPS pulse: < ± 100ns 
    • VCO Regulation: ± 0.1ppm, after 30min. GPS reception
  • Time Protocols 
    • NTPv4 Server 
    • NTP Broadcast 
    • NTP Multimode 
    • NTP Client for further NTP Server (redundancy) 
    • SNTP Server 
    • SINEC H1 time datagram – optional 
    • RFC-867 DAYTIME Server 
    • RFC-868 TIME Server
  • TCP/IP Network Protocols 
    • DHCP
    • Telnet
    • SSH
    • SNMP (Activation Key required)
    • SMTP (Activation Key required)
    • SYSLOG (Activation Key required) 
  • Configuration Channels 
    • HTTP/HTTPS WebGUI (browser-based)
    • Telnet 
    • SSH 
    • External LAN configuration tool (hmc - Network-Configuration-Assistant)


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Địa chỉ: 14C2 Ngõ 521/51, Trương Định, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Điện thoại: (024) 66637998 | Hotline: 0904787059



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