Máy hiện sóng Textronix MSO6

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Model: MSO6

Hãng sản xuất: Textronix

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Đặt mua: 0904.787.059 

Thông số kỹ thuật Máy hiện sóng Textronix MSO6

6 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 

Troubleshoot and validate high-speed designs now and into the future with upgradeable bandwidth that starts at 1 GHz and goes up to 8 GHz. Get accurate measurements with low noise and 25 GS/s sample rate per channel -- sample rate does not drop as you turn on channels.

Máy hiện sóng MSO

 Lowest noise at high sensitivity 

  • Lowest input noise enabled by new TEK061 front-end ASICs.
  • 12-bit resolution at 4 GHz, and up to 16-bit resolution at 200 MHz      
  •  Performance - Bandwidth / Sample Rate 
  •  Low Noise / High Resolution
  •  Delightful User Interface
  • Measurements and Analysis
  •  Flexible Probing
  • Upgrades and Extras

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